Wednesday, August 10, 2011

17 Studio J layouts ordered!!

I LOVE Studio J!!  My youngest is still being weaned, so during that time I have been working on my Studio J layouts.  It's great because I can get quite a bit accomplished in just 10-15 minutes. 

Anyone can try out Studio J here for free.  The best value for your money if you decide you like it is to get a 3 month($33 CAN) or 12 month membership($110 CAN). 
With the membership some of the benefits are:
* save 50% off of purchasing layouts which includes free jpegs and 1 page protector for every layout
* free shipping once a month(7 to 20 layouts to qualify)
* option to just purcahse jpegs(2 sizes included; high resolution and web ready)
* member only patterns and kits

If you're still not ready to make the commitment you can also purchase the 5-pack($60CAD) which includes
* 5 2 page layouts
* 5 page protectors
* printing and shipping

Here are a couple of layouts I ordered.  The layouts are using the new paper packet called Typeset


  1. great layouts! isn't Studio J awesome? it'll never replace traditional for me but it's sure a nice addition.

  2. Thanks!! Yes, I love it :) I still do traditional too, just don't get to do it as often.